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Your specific dietary needs are addressed from a holistic and functional perspective. Rika Keck is an expert investigator of root causes resulting in headaches and migraines, hormonal imbalance, digestive troubles associated with acid reflux, microbial overgrowth, antibiotic use with Lyme disease, and auto-immune illnesses such as Hashimoto’s, IBS, Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s.

Why not evaluate root causes or contributing factors? Health coaching includes customized dietary interventions, targeted nutrients and (possibly) additional GI testing for objective findings. Personalized health – restoring programs include:

  1. Optimizing of digestion
  2. Improving of bile flow
  3. Addressing of microbial overgrowth in the GI or intestines
  4. Healing of a leaky gut
  5. Enhancing bowel transit, reducing symptoms of gut dysbiosis or fungal concerns
  6. Restoring a diverse gut flora
  7. Improved energy and wellbeing

There is no quick fix when it comes to ongoing stomach and digestive troubles. It is a long term process with multiple layers, especially if additional gut testing is required. Our gut affects our immune function, mental outlook, inflammation, hormonal balance, bodyweight and vitality. Take care of your gut – you only have one!

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“No Pill Can Cure Diseases, Illness, Weight Gain, Pain And Fatigue
But Your Personalized Nutrition, Lifestyle And Environmental Exposures Can!”

Rika Keck


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What My Clients Say:

“At this point Rika knew more about what she was dealing with. It was no longer a shot in the dark. She adjusted my diet and supplements and I feel great! All of my symptoms have either subsided or have gone away entirely. My period has normalized; digestion problems are gone, no more bloating. My hands are not as stiff in the morning, I lost some weight and I have good energy throughout the day, including mornings. I fell like a different person. ”

Laura A.


“I visit my primary care doctor for annual physical exams and blood tests. Review of my test results seems perfunctory as compared to Rika Keck’s careful scrutiny of my annual report. …When my 100 year old mom became severely ill with intestinal parasites, diarrhea and weight loss of ten pounds within a month. My doctor and her internist husband were baffled. Prescription medication failed to cure. Ms. Keck once again came to the rescue…. Ms. Keck’s knowledge and experience is truly remarkable! ”

Carole B.


“Once again, thank you so much for your continued availability and incredible knowledge and insight. Thank you. Meg. ”

Meaghan G.


“Rika Keck from NY Integrated Health played the main role in my recovery, she is a wonderful, very understanding person, a friend and a professional who KNOWS “her stuff” from A to Z…I am not sure that re-building of my life would be possible without her guidance.”

Martina B.


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