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Supporting The Individual Living With Persisting Symptoms

As a Holistic Health and Functional Nutrition Practitioner, Rika draws upon her extensive education, knowledge and experience with chronic infections to address personalized wellness and to improve quality of life for individuals who are on a long and difficult journey.

Buy her book in soft cover or eBook format: NOURISH, HEAL, THRIVE: A comprehensive and holistic approach to living with Lyme disease.

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When addressing symptoms associated with chronic Lyme-related, mold (CIRS) and co-infection ailments, digestive challenges, adrenal dysfunction, brain fog, joint pain and excessive fatigue are common threads. Personalized nutrition and functional testing incl. genetic, organic acids, gut and hormonal testing are part of the healing program. Contact Rika for more information.

With acute infections, single consultations are available, however, with complex and chronic cases long-term programs are recommended.(6-month minimum, all test fees are additional)

Her new book: NOURISH, HEAL, THRIVE: A comprehensive and holistic approach to living with Lyme disease, is now available on all online platforms. incl. Amazon, Ibook, Barnes&Noble,Kobo and more.

Sign up for her new book, a must-have companion when living with Lyme:

NOURISH, THRIVE, HEAL: A comprehensive and holistic approach to living with Lyme disease.

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Contact Rika to get you started on a Lyme – specific Wellness Coaching Program.

Email at Rika@NYIntegratedHealth.com.



What My Clients Say

“Rika has amassed a great body of knowledge at her own expense, motivated by one passion: to help people heal. Supporting the Patient with Chronic Lyme, offering lifestyle strategies to heal Lyme and environmental illness, represents only the beginning of what she is capable of sharing. I have experienced Rika’s personal client involvement first hand, and I can say that her book is an expansion of the compassion and knowledge she brings to each individual client session. ”

—Review by Linda Minarik, ACE-Certified Fitness Professional, author, Stretching with Ease, 2015 by CICO Books


“You have been an invaluable guide so far. Thank you so much.”

“S. has put on weight this summer and really seems to be doing a little better.”


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