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Do you only work with Lyme clients?
No, I work with a diverse group of clients who wish find out why they are still having health problems despite of having sought conventional medical care. I also work with clients who do not wish to take medications that suppress symptoms without addressing the root cause.

How do you work?
When working with clients, I address the whole person. After an initial (complimentary) introductory call, I will present a proposal with different treatment options. As I emphasize a personalized approach, each program is tailored to my client’s specific needs.

Consultations are available in person (at KIMA WELLNES, flatiron district in NYC) or via telephone.

What are the consultation fees?
Option #1: Pay-as-you-go:
Clients who wish to engage in a wellness program with acute health challenges can choose a pay-as-you-go option. This includes a detailed written synopsis after the consultation. The first consultation rate is $200.00. This session is 60 minutes long. Before meeting, Rika requests any recent blood labs that will be evaluated for nutritional challenges. In addition, Rika will require certain questionnaires that will provide additional information.
The time for preparation, and written post-synopsis, is incorporated in the above fee.
Follow up consultations are $175.00.

Option#2: Chronic health challenges
Clients with complex and chronic conditions require a minimum commitment of 3 -6 months when choosing to work with Rika. This includes chronic Lyme, autoimmune, chronic digestive troubles, infertility, and neurodegenerative illnesses.

A functional approach is based on addressing root causes that causes symptoms, it takes time and different layers are investigated and addressed.
Initially, consultations are more frequent until the client is able to continue in a maintenance health program. Email coaching is imperative to assist in program implementation and to guide the client through any challenges along the way. The following are part of a customized program:

Personalized nutrition
Lifestyle modifications
Evaluation of prior lab tests
Gut health challenges, incl. leaky gut and food intolerances
Evaluation of toxic exposures that contribute to health challenges
Genetic testing
Hormonal balance
Stress reduction
Biochemical imbalances
And deeper metabolic investigation into detoxification challenges
Essential email coaching

Chronic infections associated with ongoing inflammation require a multi-pronged approach that is not considered in conventional medicine. There is no quick-fix. Rika’s extensive training and experience pave healing opportunities in a therapeutic relationship that requires commitment from the client to facilitate change for the better.

Part of her work occurs “behind the scenes” as she connects with labs, evaluates lab test results prior to the consultation, writes reports for the client, researches, and prepares personalized strategies along the way. On the front side, she engages with scheduled consultations and email to guide and fine-tune the process and progress.

With chronic Lyme, it is especially important to go slow to prevent a herx situation. If a client is on prolonged antibiotic treatment for vector-borne infections, she is able to address collateral support from medications that can induce secondary troubles. Rika is also open to working in conjunction with Lyme-treating physicians or medical doctors, as she believes in team to maximize the benefit for her client. She will require your consent to communicate with your physician.

Clients with complex health challenges find that signing up for an extended program gives them the best results, and they benefit greatly with knowledgeable email coaching along a challenging path.

This can include the need for additional lab testing, including:
Organic Acid urine testing (home)
Genetic saliva testing (home)
Stool testing (home)
SIBO testing
Lyme and co-infection testing (home)
Metabolic Typing Test (online)
DUTCH hormone test (home)
Blood tests to assess challenges (not pathologies) physician
And other tests as needed
. (Lab fees are not included in the program fee.)

Fees for comprehensive programs vary based on complexities of illness or sickness, need for frequency of consultations in initial stages.
Starting fees for a 3-months program begin at $2000.00
Payments can be split up (as discussed case by case) to ease financial stress.

Does Rika take health insurance?
This functional nutrition and health practice is not involved in any insurance plans. Payment is requested 48hrs before the consultation.
All credit cards are accepted at www.NYIntegratedHealth.com

Is Rika available for public speaking engagements?
For more information she can be contacted directly at 646 285 8588

“No Pill Can Cure Diseases, Illness, Weight Gain, Pain And Fatigue
But Your Personalized Nutrition, Lifestyle And Environmental Exposures Can!”

Rika Keck


Sign up with Rika to get you started on a Partnership – Wellness Coaching Program.

For additional information, please go to the FAQ page.


You will gain a better understanding, knowledge and awareness of ‘how we got to these symptoms’, underlying health imbalances, what role the environment plays in this, why a customized strategy is required for desired results and the influence of your genetic potential. Discover how you can achieve your long-term physical, mental, emotional health and balance in your life.
Become your ’ true, authentic self ‘ and start healing from the inside out.
Find out e.g. why you might be choosing foods to hide emotional upset or inner insecurities, why you struggle with weight issues despite counting calories and exercising, why you are too tired to make needed changes in your life, why you have ‘horrible’ and painful periods or night sweats, why you feel stuck despite having seen various doctors or practitioners…and more.


Rika Keck addresses the whole person and investigates hidden stressors and physiological imbalances that result in symptoms of dis-ease. A customized short and long-term wellness strategy is created for your specific dietary needs, lifestyle and health concerns.
Questionnaires, lab assessments and other tests are part of the investigative process to uncover metabolic and hormonal imbalances, immune challenges and food sensitivities.
To ensure long-term success, it is recommended to commit to a minimum of three months coaching, however, it may be necessary to extend that time frame as deeper layers of healing are explored. It is a process.
Readiness to make changes, compliance and weekly accountability will ensure desired results.
Past and current health challenges, toxic relationships, hidden fears, blocking belief systems, anxieties and desires are addressed after a nutritional foundation is established. All are important pieces to your unique ‘puzzle’.

WHAT IS INCLUDED IN A WELLNESS PROGRAM? (minimum 3 months coaching program)


  • Customized Clinical /Functional Nutrition
  • Advanced Metabolic Typing Test
  • Functional analysis of lab assessments
  • Wellness coaching
  • Stress reduction
  • Lifestyle assessment
  • Nutritional supplement support
  • Psych-K – subconscious re-programming
  • Exercise/Movement recommendations
  • Advanced lab testing as needed for more in-depth information
  • Kinesiology


From a functional and holistic perspective the following are addressed:

  • Food intolerances
  • Chronic Infections, including Lyme, co-infection, mold-related illness
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Estrogen dominance
  • Digestive disorders
  • Adrenal/thyroid imbalances
  • Immune challenges
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Gut microbial overgrowth
  • Blood sugar concerns
  • Weight loss
  • Chronic pain
  • Bone loss
  • Inflammatory conditions


Rika Keck, FDN, is certified in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition•. Investigative and highly specialized lab work is utilized to gain information regarding hidden challenges and causal factors that block desired healing opportunities. Hidden challenges can include toxic chemical overload, genetic predispositions, bacterial and fungal overgrowth, skin conditions, chronic joint pain, bloating, problems with sleep, pain, fatigue, conditions associated with inflammation, hormonal imbalances and weight gain. (All lab costs are additional and are not included in program fees.)

Over-exercising, esp. cardio endurance training, adversely affects your hormones and bones. Lab tests will provide information regarding bone health and tissue repair. Exercise is addressed and customized exercise options are recommended based on hormonal imbalances and overall stress load. Over-exercising and lack of exercise have an adverse effect on health, immune function and hormonal management. Rika will address this on an individual basis. For more information regarding testing: www.bonesandhormones.com

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